Kathleen Carter Communications
Kathleen Carter Communications
Dedicated to designing strategic, thoughtful and effective publicity campaigns for books, authors, and publishers.

Dedicated to designing strategic, thoughtful, and effective publicity campaigns for books, authors, and publishers.

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Kathleen Carter is the founder and CEO of Kathleen Carter Communications (KCC), a literary publicity and marketing agency.

KCC’s mission is to focus on select passion projects for which Kathleen’s thoughtful and tenacious approach, carefully crafted messaging, personalized attention, and strong and long-standing relationships with the media will yield invaluable results.


"Kathleen Carter is exactly what you want in a publicist — someone with a strategy, connections, and great skill at bringing those together.  But perhaps what makes her special is that, as an author, I always had the sense she believed in my writing as fiercely as I did.  Who could possibly ask for more?"

- Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of SMALL GREAT THINGS


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I could not have asked for a more attentive, enthusiastic, or knowledgeable person to work with on my book than Kathleen. Every step of the way as we were promoting my book, I felt confident in her skills and sharp sense of how to shine the brightest and best light on my project. Her knowledge of the industry, her keen sense for collaboration, and her genuine love of books make her a truly outstanding in her field.
— Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon senior writer and author of A SERIES OF CATASTROPHES AND MIRACLES
Through her energy, network, and vision, Kathleen Carter has opened doors too numerous to mention for my work. She integrates seamlessly into the projects she takes on with a deep care for the writing and the writers she represents.
— Elliot Ackerman, bestselling author of GREEN ON BLUE and DARK AT THE CROSSING


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